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Norwich course offers to cover whole Bible in a year

A new evening course which promises to cover the entire Bible in 18 evenings is set to start in Norwich on Monday September 23. Course leader Rev Matthew Hutton explains.

Have you ever wanted to get to grips with the Bible in its entirety, but somehow felt that would be ‘a bridge too far’?  Well, now’s your opportunity in this 18 session Monday evening engagement with the Bible over three terms.  It will be not so much a course as an adventure, enjoyed in community over a couple of hours as we journey together through God’s word. 

In covering (somewhat ambitiously!) the whole Bible over 18 evenings, we will see how God’s Grand Story hangs together and how He speaks to us though the unfamiliar as well as the more well-known passages.  A particular aim is to see how Jesus inhabits the Old Testament.  We shall ask the Holy Spirit to draw each one of us closer to our wonderful God of love.

Whatever our stage in the Christian life, we will recognize that we need to know and to love the Word of God more deeply and to be trained in how to read and to use it, so that Jesus Christ may dwell by His Spirit more fully in us and we in Him.  Together we humbly trust that the Holy Spirit will enable us to do just that.
The teaching will be presented in the context of Church relationships, within a familiar formula for small groups, so that on each evening we shall enjoy:

  • 7.00 Welcome (coffee/tea);
  • 7.20 Worship;
  • 7.30 Word; and
  • 8.30 Witness, in two’s and three’s (for reflection, discussion & prayer). 

Open Word is being held at St Alban’s Church, Grove Walk, Norwich, where there is plenty of parking.
By the end of the course we aim:

  • To have a clear idea of what the Bible contains and what it means (to some extent, at least!);
  • To be able to relate different parts of Scripture to each other: ‘The New is in the Old contained: the Old is in the New explained’; and
  • To have reinforced (or to discover anew) the delight of spending time each day in God’s inspired word and of allowing His Holy Spirit to speak to us through it, explaining and enjoying various ways of approaching Bible reading both personally and in groups. 

This will be Matthew’s third Open Word course.Visit www.stn.org.uk/courses/open-word for more information on Open Word, including an easy online registration process and access to the flyer for download under ‘Further Details’ (which contains testimonials from those who have attended previous courses).

You can contact Matthew at matthew.hutton@stn.org.uk or by telephone on 01508 520775.

Pictured above is course leader Matthew Hutton.

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