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Smash and grab at Norwich Cathedral

CathedralRobberyThieves smashed a unique and valuable stained glass window to steal loose change in a collection box at Norwich Cathedral, it emerged last night (October 31).

Police said two 3ft by 2ft leaded panes of the window were broken on Saturday night to allow access into the main part of the cathedral where the glass collection box was then smashed and cash taken.

It is not known exactly how much money was in the box but it is thought to be very little.

And while there are no estimates for the replacement cost of the window panes, officials believe it will be an expensive procedure.

Jan McFarlane, diocesan spokeswoman, said: "There wouldn't have been a lot in the collection box as it would be emptied regularly so there was probably only loose change, yet it will cost a lot of money and be difficult to get leaded windows replaced.

"The sad thing is people put money in the collection box to keep the cathedral open to everybody, not just visitors but the people of Norwich, and to have that spoilt by a minority breaking in is such a shame.

"Having said that if someone is so desperate to break in to steal a collection box they must need it for drugs or something like that and we just hope they get the help they obviously need.

"No one should have to break into a cathedral for money like that."

Witnesses or anyone with information about the incident which took place at about 9pm on Saturday should contact 0845 456 4567 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Pictured above, the clear-up after thieves broke into Norwich Cathedral.
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