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66 tonnes donated to Cromer Foodbank

Cromer and District Foodbank continues to experience rapid growth, in terms of both donations received and mouths fed; with a new vehicle, staff member and name all in the pipeline.

During the last financial year, demand for the Foodbank has increased significantly. Vouchers fulfilled were up 26%, number of people fed increased by 42% and the number of children fed by 66%, indicating a trend towards increasing demand by families. Incoming donations were 66,375kg, up a massive 50% on the previous year, which meant that the Foodbank was able to meet the increased demand.
Peter Wenham, Chairman of Trustees, said “In the last five years the number of vouchers fulfilled has increased by 60%. The goal of reducing the need for Foodbanks does not seem to be attainable at present so we will continue to work with agencies and community groups to meet the need of people in crisis for the foreseeable future. We have provided uninterrupted service for Foodbank clients during the pandemic, through the commitment, enthusiasm, and perseverance of our volunteer teams across the distribution centres, warehouse, van and office and we are indebted to each and every one of them.”
The Foodbank ran a successful Christmas hamper delivery programme and is now planning to offer schools support with their breakfast clubs, which will enable the neediest children in each school to receive a meal at the start of the day. There will also be continued support for the community larders and fridges that are spread across our district. In addition, the Energybank scheme, which supports people with their energy bills, will be continued through the summer.
Cromer Foodbank has seen a number of changes since the start of the pandemic, some of which will be long lasting. Owing to the increasing demand on the service, the trustees have decided to appoint an Assistant Project Manager who will assist in the day to day operations and take on, and work with current volunteers, on all aspect of communications.
Cromer foodbank logo 385 ARAlso to cope with increased demand, another electric van has been ordered but with increased battery capacity to enable greater distances to be covered. The Foodbank will also be changing its name to North Norfolk Foodbank to reflect the fact that, with ever-stretching boundaries, they now cover a wide chunk of North Norfolk.
Peter concluded “Whatever projects we take on, we will never lose sight of the fact that our main aim is to support people in crisis with food parcels and, if necessary, signpost them on to agencies that can provide help with the issues that cause the crisis. This we will continue to do with your support, for which we are incredibly grateful.”
For more about the Cromer and District Foodbank, visit their website.

This article is based on an item in the Stalham Baptist Church newsletter


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Tony Rothe, 18/05/2021

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