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Minister's UK 'cross-walk' comes to Norwich 

With a large cross of witness to Jesus at the shoulder, Revs William Porter and Paul Critchley continued their pilgrimage across 51 cities, and were in Norwich on Monday July 12.

After a memorable walk from Stoke-on-Trent to Westminster, London, in 2019, William heard the instruction not to put the cross away. Then, as this year unfolded, there were further prompts to walk through 51 cities, in what has become a month-long ministry, covering each city centre with the sign of the cross.

The purpose of the 'Crosswalk' is to pray for an outpouring of the grace of God after the trauma of the pandemic, to release blessing over people and places in this new season and to herald a fresh moving of the Spirit in our land.

Following an early start at 8.30pm outside the Forum, they were joined by a small group of prayerful supporters, who accompanied them in their walk towards the north, south, west and east of the city centre, physically signing the area with the cross and praying at various places. Shortly after 10.30am, they were on their way to pray in Ely, keeping to time before a third cross-walk in Cambridge by the end of the day.

Nigel Fox said, "It was a privilege to join with these obedient servants as they continue to fulfil this distinct call to bear witness to Jesus, and administer His blessings along the way. We look forward to seeing the fruit of such praying."

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Pictured right: Paul Critchley and William Porter with the cross in Norwich

Helen Baldry, 12/07/2021

Helen Baldry

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