Picasso Catering creates masterpiece cakes

After clocking up many years of experience as Catering Manager at King’s Church in Norwich, Chris Bottomley has now launched his own business creating masterpiece cakes.

His new company, aptly named Picasso Catering, not only bakes the cakes but also delivers them to your door. Orders can be taken just a day before for certain cakes.

There is an astonishing choice of 33 flavours of cakes, as well as Cold Desserts, Chocolate and Cherry Roulade and Liquorice and Mint Rice Krispies cheesecake. 

8-inch round cakes (8-10 portions) are £15 delivered, and 6-inch round cakes (6-8 portions) are £10 delivered. There is also a limited selection of individual portions at £2.20 delivered, with a minimum order of £10. Cold desserts are £12.

Cakes also come in a square shape, at £20 for 8 inches or £25 for 10 inches, delivered to your door.

Christmas cakes are now also available: 8 inch at £15, 7 inch at £12 or 6 inch  at £10. Individual slices are £2.20.

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To place an order please ring Chris at Picasso Catering on 07543289516 or 01603  568241, or email chrisjbottomley@gmail.com

Published: 07/09/2021