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Race is on to find best church humour

PosterSpermMARCH 07: The race is on to find the nation's best church poster slogan and creative Christian copywriters can earn £500 if they win.
If you can match such head-turners as “Come in for a Free Faith Lift”, “Fight Truth Decay” or "Rooney shoots but Jesus saves" then get scribbling and snapping.
In the hope of reviving the often-overlooked form of church art and creativity, Congregational & General Insurance has launched the first ever nationwide Church Poster of the Year competition.
The winning entry, as judged by a panel including a leading UK copywriter, and the General Secretary of Churches Together in England will receive a £500 donation to their church or chosen charity, plus the coveted title.
Former professional copywriter with top firm Saatchi and Saatchi, Rev Nicholas Vesey, from St Luke’s in Norwich, said he will certainly be entering the competition.
PosterHeart“I think you need to offer some universal wisdom. People need to receive something from it. It is not just about trying to be clever.”
Margaret Slater, Congregational's marketing manager, said: "We see so many churches a year throughout the UK and it never fails to amaze us how many interesting posters there are - some of the puns really make you smile and we've seen some great examples of creative copywriting too.
"There's definitely a lot of hidden talent out there and some unsung heroes, so we'd like to reward their creativity through this new award.  We hope this will become an annual event to showcase creativity within the church and demonstrate the impact their work often has on the local community, without people realising it.”
Award-winning copywriter, and one of the judges Trevor Webb of Leo Burnett, said: "As a Christian, when I heard about the competition I welcomed the chance to see what grassroots creativity is being fostered across the UK." 
ChurchPosterRev Bill Snelson, General Secretary, Churches Together in England, also a judge, said: "At Churches Together in England, we provide both advice and resources for local 'Churches Together' bodies, so I'm really keen to see what creative resources we can nurture with this poster competition. 
"Hopefully we'll have some great slogans that will help churches across the UK stimulate interest and showcase the talent within."
Send in your best lines or nominate someone else. Mobile phone images of posters can be sent by text to 07794 997359; attachments can be emailed to posters@congregational.co.uk or by following the link to the competition page at www.congregational.co.uk/posters    

The closing date for entries is 31 May, 2007 with the winning slogan and recipient of the £500 donation being named on Monday, 25th June 2007.  There is no limit to the number of entries submitted.  In the case of duplicate winning entries, the prize money will be split equally between entrants. 
If you have seen, or written a great church poster, let us know what it is by posting a comment below or e-mailing a picture to us
Some poster thoughts, top and middle from St Luke's in Norwich and bottom American church humour.


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