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Norwich forum bursting with teenagers

NYFCForumIf you want to find a massive Forum in Norwich bursting with teenagers hanging out and having a chat, then you need go no further than the Norwich Youth for Christ website message board. NYFC Fusion worker Johny Grimwo0d reports.
The vision behind the NYFC web Forum is to be an on-line community - a place where both Christian and other young people can chill, have fun, chat about anything and everything (providing its clean) and discuss any burning questions they have about faith.
It’s also a fantastic opportunity for young Christians to network and meet new friends at places such as the monthly YFC youth worship event 'Fridays'.
If you are reading this and count yourself far past youth, why not recommend a young relation? If you work with young people how about 'bigging it up' at your youth group?
Here are some stats! The forum, moderated by YFC staff members and a dedicated bunch of volunteers, started back in February 2002. There are currently about 320 users registered. The top poster is 'Sparkles' with 13503 posts and the most time on-line is a hardcore 96 days 15 hours and 18 minutes from 'The Wizard'! The most people on-line at any one time is an incredible 76!
There are seven main boards.
Questions of Faith: To discuss searching and challenging issues about God etc.
Events Advertising: Whats happening? Find out here!
Lowbrow Lounge: When you're tired of having to discuss coherently, lowbrow is the way to go...
Highbrow Cafe: Discussions with point & purpose - and perhaps a little thought too!
Fridays Discussions: General chat about the dynamic monthly youth event.
Sports Board: 'Wittily' coined 'Amoeba Area' by NYFC joint boss Mark!
The Prayer Room: Post your prayer requests, encouragements, answers, etc.
So whether you are a young person itching to discuss a question about God, post a prayer request, or find out what people have to say about making the marshmallow game, chubby bunnies, an Olympic event then sign up, log in and have your say!

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