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Chaplaincy to Great Yarmouth Borough 

Aug 2012 2
One of Rev Stephen Andrews' workplace chaplaincies and, perhaps the most challenging, is to the staff of Great Yarmouth Borough and Norfolk County Services in the Great Yarmouth Area, two wholly owned subsidiaries of Norfolk County Council. Why so challenging?
Well, when you are supporting “bin men”, “dinner ladies”, grass cutters and life savers, as well as a whole host of other service providers, you have to follow the mobile workforce and catch them where you can! Alternatively, when people are tasked with serving a host of hungry children at school dinner time a chaplain has to be very careful not to get in the way whilst still letting people know they are available and there to offer support.
Aug 2012 4
Stephen said: “To ensure that everyone receives a visit it often means me driving around in a car until I find them!”
When asked about all the different chaplaincies Stephen provides he says: “People come to me with all sorts of issues -their concerns about marriage, relationships, parenting, drug abuse, financial difficulties, anxiety and depression and work struggles. I have been asked to help the bereaved and sometimes invited to participate in funeral services. This is our ‘bread and butter’ ministry. We don’t know everything but we aim to know who can help if we can’t”
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