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NYFC will not run Reality project next year

RealityIIGardenWebAfter two years in which dozens of Christian young people spent a summer week engaged in social action projects across Norwich and Wymondham, Reality organisers Norwich Youth for Christ, have announced that they will not be running the event next year.

NYFC director Mark Tuma, said: “While there are already plans for projects in Lakenham and Mousehold, I felt that running Reality III was not what God was asking of NYFC this year. This is not saying that Lakenham and Mousehold should not go ahead with their plans, but rather that it seems right that NYFC steps out and lets the churches get on with the job for themselves.  So, to take Mousehold as an example, Paul Farmer and Angie Fox have quite advanced plans which sound very good to me, and they are well capable of putting them into practice.


“It's always been one of Youth For Christ's functions to pioneer new things and then move on to let others develop the ideas, and I think Reality has done this over the last two years.  It's been a big encouragement to me to see how it enabled churches to work together in increasing unity, and how it has helped churches to begin engaging with their communities more. 


"It always seems that the first step is the hardest, and after taking it we learn to trust God a little more and take the second and third steps - Reality helped some congregations make that first step, and now it is time for them to continue with the next steps! I believe it's possible that by pulling back from organising Reality III, NYFC may be able to help similar things happen in many more places, undertaken by many others.  One way we're looking at doing this is by producing a  DVD package  packed with all the lessons we've learnt together over the last couple of years, and we hope to have that available  in the next few months.

”In the context of Hope’08 I also feel it's right that the prime identity for activities in communities belongs to the local churches.  For instance, in Lakenham, I think the local community should know that it is the local Christians who care, not just some city-wide initiative.  I also feel that our role in providing two years of support and shared experience has left the churches in a position where they are now able to do these things confidently by themselves,” said Mark.


“I would again like to say an enormous thank you to all for being part of the shared adventure of the two Reality events.  The support and partnership enabled us all to take steps of faith in the events, and I firmly believe God used them for his glory, both inside and outside the church.”


Pictured above is some of the action from Reality II.


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