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Why do we do it?

We believe that this whole world is God’s, and therefore God is concerned for all people in the workplace

We naturally want to share the Good News of God’s Love for every person

We believe that Chaplaincy is one method of expressing God’s love and care in a practical way

We also believe that God cares about the whole of human society—including politics, economics and anything that effects the life of the community


Because Chaplains are independent we believe we are able to be a “critical friend” when relationships within or between organisations or the local community have difficulties


Why have a Chaplain in your workplace?

The presence of a Chaplain whose explicit task is to care for people at all levels of a company, organisation or public service encourages people to care for each other, and so can improve morale
and enhance the experience of work


Chaplains offer an independent and confidential opportunity for members of staff or volunteers to talk about anything which is troubling them. If a person needs specialist counselling over issues like bereavement, they can be referred for further help

A workplace Chaplain can help staff and volunteers to think about moral issues, and the quality of working life

Part of a Chaplain’s task is to help build better understanding between different levels of an organisation so that relationships can be honest and open, and so create a good sense of
community in that workplace