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Are you struggling?

StressAre you struggling within your workplace?
We hope these prayers may help you. Please contact us if you want to talk (our contact numbers are below).
I’m really stressed out God
Work is really getting me down, and I don’t know how to deal with it.
I find myself numb and unable to get things clear in my mind
Or else I feel panicky and think my head will explode.
I used to enjoy my job but somewhere along the line it’s all got to be too much
It’s all gone “pear shaped”
I try to focus on what it is that’s getting me down:
Has the nature of my work changed and I don’t know how to adapt?
Has someone been putting unfair pressure on me?
Do I feel bullied?
Is the work just too much and no-one will listen?
Is it that I can’t find the right person to talk it over with?
Am I afraid that people will think I’m a failure?
Will I be threatened with the sack or get side-lined if people know how I feel?
I wonder; is it just work or are there things at home that are getting on top of me?
Should I be able to talk about home things at work?
Am I afraid or unable to talk about work things at home?
There could be so many things causing my stress God. I know that stress can be positive; it can motivate me and give me a buzz. But this stress is not helping me God, it’s hurting me. I’ve got to do something about it…
So my first move God is to talk to you, now.
I think you understand stress.
When you saw your son suffering and hurting, and you heard him saying “take this cup from me”
You must have been SO stressed.
Well here I am, and Jesus said that you wouldn’t turn anyone away,
And that we are all your children:
So will you hear me?
Can you see me?
Will you take this stress away from me?
Will you help me work out what is wrong?
Will you give me the courage to change if I have to?
Will you give me the confidence to speak to someone about how I feel, and challenge people if I am being treated wrongly?
Will you, God, stand beside me, today, and every day?
Will you help me remember that Jesus is my brother and my saviour; that he can help me and that he doesn’t like injustice and he never did?
I’ve heard you are a loving God, and a just God
Will you fill me with your Spirit so that I can find enough energy for today?
I’m going to put myself into your hands now God.
I’m going to get on with things and do whatever I feel strong enough to do to change things
I need you to help me loving, caring, strong God
Because today I’m going to talk to someone about how I feel.
Try reading Psalm 139
Try reading Matthew 11. v28 -30
You can find them on (and it is there in several different languages)
 Dare to speak to someone at work or at home
If you have a chaplain in your work place arrange to see them
If you haven’t got a chaplain and you want to talk to one on the phone call:
Barry Capon - Chair of the Good Work Board on 01603-451507 or email