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Baby Violet's arrival is a Christmas 'miracle'

Norwich grandmother Abbie Charles has experienced her own Christmas baby miracle with the safe arrival of granddaughter Violet thanks, she believes, to Christian prayers from all over the world. This is her story.
Our little granddaughter Violet Emily, was born on December 13 to our daughter Sharleen and partner Marc, who live in Brighton. We believe that she arrived safely and is doing really well because of all the prayers she received.
Many Christians from all over the UK, and some from other countries, were praying for her through personal and church contacts and Facebook.
After a very traumatic pregnancy baby Violet made her entry three weeks early. From the moment Violet was conceived Sharleen was ill, initially it was morning and all-day sickness but as the months rolled by the sickness continued and Sharleen had to learn to adjust to feeling so unwell.
She was told to give up work by her GP. Sharleen and Marc moved into a flat which, unbeknown to them, had a damp problem. This lead to toxic mould appearing within weeks of moving in. Sharleen reacted badly to the mould and became very ill and then contracted a virus. Sharleen also developed symptoms including severe itchiness. The itchy palms and feet she suffered indicated a more serious problem. Blood samples were taken and it was discovered that Sharleen had Obstetric Cholestasis, a condition of the liver which occurs in less than 1 in 100 pregnancies.
The itching was so bad Sharleen could hardly ever sleep and her blood results were very high, peaking at 108 when it should be below 10. This can be harmful to mother and baby causing complications at birth and because of this the consultant decided to induce Sharleen at 37 weeks pregnant.
Sharleen went into hospital on Monday December 12 to be induced and to be closely monitored. New results from her blood test showed the virus Sharleen had contracted was CMV (Cytomegalovirus).
CMV is one of the herpes viruses. This group of viruses includes the causes of chickenpox and shingles. CMV is a common infection that is usually harmless but if contracted for the first time in pregnancy can be harmful to the unborn baby. About 1 in 150 children are born with congenital CMV.
Sharleen and Marc were informed of the concerns by the doctors that their little daughter could be born with sight, hearing, and brain development problems. Sharleen found this out when she had just gone into labour, so both parents were obviously very anxious and asked for prayer.
We contacted as many Christians as we know, including Churches, Christian friends and Facebook was also a good media for this. Violet was born at 4pm on December 13 weighing 6lbs 14 oz. The doctors did tests as soon as Violet was born and Sharleen had to stay in hospital for five days as they had to wait for the results from the tests.
The urine test showed that Violet had contracted the virus. Because of this further intrusive tests were necessary. Each test was a worry. The brain scan was clear, her sight test was perfect and although still waiting for the hearing appointment Violet jumps at any loud noise so we are confident her hearing is good too. Violet is now home with her Mummy and Daddy and is doing really well.
Not only are Sharleen and Marc grateful for God’s marvellous work but also reading the encouraging emails and messages enabled Sharleen to cope through a very difficult time. We want to thank everyone for praying for this special family and praise God for answers to prayers.
Pictured above are Sharleen, Marc and baby Violet.


Article printed from at 22:54 on 20 January 2020