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Norwich Christian charity gives hope to prisoners 

Hope and SongA Norwich project, Hope and Song to Freedom, which works with women political prisoners in Lima, Peru, celebrates its 10th anniversary this Spring. Project founders Liz and Andy are keen to share their experiences with Norfolk churches.

It was never the intention to start a project, but a special friendship which had grown between Miriam Breña Torres in Lima and Liz Lake in Norwich developed as they sought to bring encouragement to the women in Santa Monica prison, who are there as political prisoners.
Ten years ago gifts of toiletries were sent over for Mother's Day to distribute to the ladies and 'madrinas' were set up - English women writing to Peruvian women to encourage them.  So much has happened these last ten years and the work has grown to such an extent that it is now an official project which comes under the umbrella of the charity Grassroots.

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Miriam has been over to England twice on her own and a further time with her husband Dinger.  Her three children have also been over and Liz has been to Peru once, but now both families are excited that they will all be together as Liz and Andy are going to Lima next month, with their two children, aged 16 and 13.
"This is another exciting stage in our adventure together" says Liz "We are looking forward to this opportunity and seeing the work grow further."

Hope  SongLiz and Andy are keen to share their experiences and welcome the opportunity to speak to church groups about the work with which they are involved.  If you are interested in hearing more or having them come to your church, please contact them at

Pictured above: Dinger, Miriam, Liz and Andy

Article printed from at 11:28 on 20 January 2020