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Sky-high show at Gorleston beach baptisms

BobGroomeBaptism450Two aircraft, miles away from Gorleston beach, lead to a Christian believers’ baptism in the sea taking place beneath an unusual cross in the sky.

As two people prepared to enter the water for the service the jets left behind the image of a cross with their vapour trails which appeared over the harbour entrance, close to where the ceremony was taking place.
The sighting occurred shortly after 10 am on Sunday September 14 when Cliff Park Community Church staged the baptisms for Robert Sivell and Bob Groome. The church, which meets at the nearby Cliff Park Junior School, has often held baptisms in the sea, but the addition of a “cross” in the blue sky just as minister Rev Mike Simm was introducing the service caused a stir. Initially Rev Simm didn’t realise why there was so much excitement from the large crowd as he had his back to the harbour entrance.
Bob Groome, a design technology teacher at Cliff Park High School, said later the cross in the sky had made the day even more special for him. The jet steams remained while he and Robert Sivell, an engineer with a Great Yarmouth based offshore company, went into the water where worship leader Gary Pillar and leadership team member Paul Lilly assisted Rev Simm with the baptism.
GorlestonAircraftCross450After the ceremony on the beach everyone returned to the school to continue the service and celebration and also hear the two men explain why they had decided to show their Christian faith in this very public way.
Bob Groome commented this week: “I did not want the day to end. The cross in the sky was so special and for the first time, I felt the full warmth of the Holy Spirit whilst in the water.”
There’s a special Back to Church Sunday service at Cliff Park Junior School on Sunday September 28, at 10.30 followed by a lunch. 
Pictured top is Bob Groome being baptised by Rev Mike Simm, Gary Pillar and Paul Lilly and, above, the vapour trails seen just over the harbour bend and Pier Hotel.

Article printed from at 15:42 on 07 July 2020