Norfolk Christian sets up community of writers

Alison HillA Christian author from West Norfolk has set up a group to support aspiring authors to get their books published and share their experienced in what can be a difficult industry.

Alison Hill from King's Lynn has set up a community group on Facebook - Christian Authors UK - for all authors who are willing to work together to bring direction and encouragement to new and existing authors.

Alison said, "I decided to start this group because of my experiences after having my first book published. Through this process, I realised that I should have been more connected with those who had already published and who knew the difficulties I would encounter at each stage of publishing, including the mammoth task of getting your book into the book stores.

"I believe that there are many authors who have a great knowledge of the industry and can share this with those who are thinking of writing and those who are in need of encouragement after publishing."

Alison published her first book To Live is Christ in 2007. The book is a collection of teachings that she learnt on her journey with God. After losing her husband seventeen years ago, with two children to bring up, Alison chose to walk closely with God and to listen to His voice.

Alison's next book A Little Piece of Heaven is due to be published shortly. The book is about the consequences of the choices we make in life. Alison says that without God's specific encouragement she would never have started to write and the whole process of writing required faith at every step; she loves the excitement of being directed by the Holy Spirit in her writing.

Christian Authors UK aims to be a place of encouragement for budding authors - and for those who have published to share some of their expertise.

Alison has had good feedback so far. She said, "Within a week of starting the group, I was contacted by two ladies from the Norfolk area. One who has published a few years ago and another who would like to write, but doesn't know which type of publishing company to use." Alison has built up contacts from Norwich, Dereham and also in King's Lynn where she lives.

Christian Authors UKAlison says there are many ways to get a Christian book published including self publishing or a mainstream route. "In the UK the latter is pretty impossible unless you are a recognised minister. The other choices become a minefield of expense and it is very difficult to know which self publishing company to choose."

Once your book is published you then have the challenge of marketing it, which can be difficult if you are an unknown author. Alison has found that most Christians who write feel they have been called to do so - and are keen to get their books into the hands of those that would benefit.

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