Heavenly win for Norwich RE teaching duo

Two rapping Norwich religious studies teachers have scooped a £45,000 prize for their school by winning a national competition with a video about Heaven.

SprowstonHeavenDuoSprowston Community High School RE teachers, John Allerhand and John Cordeaux, otherwise known as rappers Mr A and Mr C, won the top prize in the O2 Learn competition for the best teaching video of the year.
The video, entitled Heaven, explains the Christian principles of life after death and the meaning of words such as heaven, hell, resurrection, sin, confession and purgatory to GCSE students.
“We use humour, rap and two old fogeys,” Mr Allerhand told the Evening News. “We have had so many positive comments. These are the resources we use and we know they work in our context.
“The video helps the students to see us as real people, three-dimensional people and it makes their learning more relevant.”
The video won the competition based on a public vote and a panel of experts and is available to students everywhere on the O2 Learn online video library.
School pupils will help decide what to spend the prize-winnings on and suggestions have already included computers, PA systems and charity fundraisers.

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