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Norfolk evangelist offers his new book for free 

2016: Norfolk evangelist and author John Wright is offering Christians two evangelism resources for free, including his new booklet, The Almond Rod.

John, a Lay Reader, a Member of the College of Evangelists Emeritus, and an International Director of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, said: “I would like to offer Network Norfolk readers two free gifts for building the Kingdom.”
In the foreword to his new booklet, John, who lives at Kirby Bedon in South Norfolk writes: “In the Old and the New Testament God spoke through dreams, visions, and messages whether audible or heard in the inner man.
“Today God has not changed. He continues to speak through His Word, through dreams, prophetic words or prophetic pictures, as well as in so many other ways. If we ask God to speak to us we can be sure that He will, in the way He chooses, as we wait upon Him. The Almond Rod includes a number of such pictures or parables which show that Jesus continues to teach in this way if we ask Him.
“The Barna Group Report, commissioned by the Evangelical Alliance and the Church of England, recently revealed that most UK Christians of all denominations are luke-warm - un-taught and un-willing to talk to strangers about the one they love. The booklet includes five pictures of God's outrage at lukewarmness.”
You can download the booklet for free here
John also has a 50-minute online video, entitled, How to Witness to Strangers, available for free on YouTube. He is also available to do teaching in churches.

The video has been endorsed by international evangelist, Canon J John, who said: “So many Christians seemed to have taken literally what Jesus said to three disciples 'see that you don't tell no one'! Well, my friend John Wright is not one of those. John Wright is an original and watching this video will make you feel uncomfortable. But I hope it will inspire you to see your responsibility in conveying and communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to others, regardless of how inconvenient it may feel.”


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