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Churchwarden captures images of Fakenham

Fakenham Churchwarden Keith Osborn has been capturing the people and places that make up the market town of Fakenham for the last two years.

Keith started his project in 2019, inspired by British photographer Daniel Meadows, who travelled across the country stopping in towns and capturing the people who made them tick.
Keith has lived in Fakenham for the past 15-years and has worked with Richard Crook at Active Fakenham, helping to capture the events Mr Crook has held.
The People and Places project was, said Keith, a chance to show his appreciation for the town, and he hopes to continue capturing people and places in all their diversity.
Fakenham-Nights 750ATHe said: “I obviously love the town, we thoroughly enjoy our lives here, so I wanted to get a snapshot of the town and the people, all the different characters and what they do. Finding photos on your doorstep is fascinating. Some people travel the world and take photos, but there is an equally great photo on your doorstep, you just don’t always know it is there.”
“I aim to be brave enough to use my photography projects to celebrate people, in all their diversity, based on my core belief that we are all created equally in the image of God. I try very hard to allow my ‘eye’ to see as much as possible through the prism of my faith, and my photographs therefore to represent those who often go uncelebrated, can just be seen as ‘ordinary’, or that may even be right on the margins of our awareness, but who are in fact (as every individual is) extraordinary in God’s eyes and loved by Him. Of course, I don’t always succeed but I’m learning to be braver, and I try!”

Visit the People and Places website.
The images of Keith Osborn and of Fakenham at night above are courtesy of Keith Osborn
This story is based on an article on the Diocese of Norwich website and also in the Eastern Daily Press.



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