Chaplaincy to Norfolk County Hall

liviu barbuFr Liviu is a priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church, Rector of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Norwich, and has worked in Norwich and around for a number of years during which time he has established ecumenical links with the Anglican, Roman-Catholic, United-Reformed, Methodist, and other churches.

Liviu has a long-standing interest in spiritual guidance and the relationship between social and spiritual life. In his own words: “I will be there, at Norfolk County Hall, to enable everyone to express their spirituality in their own way and to promote a Christian work ethic balanced by spirituality, prayer, and work. I very much hope that my activity will fit well into the Good Work excellent chaplaincy support in work places”

Since undertaking this role, Liviu has made positive relationships with councillors and staff. He regularly leads prayers before Council Meetings and offers Monday Morning Reflections for anyone interested. He also plays an active role in specific activities such as Remembrance and Carols at Christmas. Fr Liviu is also available to give pastoral support where needed.

Published: 30/07/2008