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New book takes you along the road to Jerusalem

RoadToJerusalemThe Road to Jerusalem
By John Wright (The Branch Press)
2009: Well-known Norfolk evangelist, John Wright, has published the fourth of his one-page wonders books, now known as The Road Quartet, called The Road to Jerusalem. Review by Rev Stephen Mawditt.
As Christians we can sometimes exhibit a surprising lack of confidence in the power of the Gospel to transform lives. Time and time again when people are exposed to the truth and life embodied in Jesus Christ there is a tugging on the heart which draws them heavenward.
John’s book ‘The Road to Jerusalem’ is filled with messages of hope – hope that God still devises ways to reach those who do not yet know Him; that He is still the God of revelation who speaks to and through those who put their trust in Him; hope that even in the darkest and strangest of circumstances the light of Christ can shine and attract.
John is always a challenge. These stories will amaze, intrigue and encourage. He speaks what he hears from God. Read this book if you want to get excited again about the potential for the Gospel to bear fruit but be prepared to be the one who is sent.

., 10/11/2009

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