Norfolk author with a message about love

Joanne RobinsonBy Sandie Shirley
2010: It is a year that looks full of promise for Dereham woman, Joanne Robinson (right). It comes with the launch of her new book and an informative website that builds on her continuing mission to help women as a counsellor, life coach and speaker.
Having suffered emotional and financial heartbreak after a cycle of destructive relationships spanning more than 15 years she is now helping other women break free from similar relationships. Joanne is founder of Donna Intera - Italian for whole woman. She is passionate about women finding the ultimate place to receive God’s best in their friendships and romantic relationships
“..He loves Me Not? (Last Word Publications, £7.99) embraces more than four years work. It features short stories of my relationships and the effect of brokenness and hopelessness. It has helped me understand what real love was about and the lies and excuses I believed and put up with. It includes prayers and reflections and self-analysis through honesty,” says Joanne.
“With it has come Love in Season, a website for Christian women with devotionals, film clips and articles on relationships. It is always the right season for love with God. There is an inner thirst for Christ, as in the woman at the well, since he is the source of all our needs He can love us to wholeness and build our self-esteem so that we do not isolate ourselves from community where God has placed us.” 
She offers bespoke, interactive workshops in the Norfolk community and beyond. They are available to individuals, churches, local authorities, schools, prisons, women’s groups and charities.
Her 12-week course – the right step relationship course - is designed for all communities and is also breaching the gap in the help offered to women at a Christian drug rehabilitation centre. It includes the journey of making relationships and understanding the tell-tale signs of abusive ones. She stresses that you do not need bruises to be abused. It can be financial and emotional abuse, isolation and using the children, threats and intimidation.
HeLovesMeNotJoanne reached rock bottom with no job, finances and a destructive relationship with her live-in partner. Over the years she was attracted to abusive destructive relationships because she was desperate for love and validation after growing up with poor, abusive role models.  
“God’s whole presence came into my heart when I decided to go into the unknown with him ten years ago. My life dramatically changed; I trained as a Christian counsellor and went to Canada to train as a life skills coach as I met people who led me in my ministry,” says Joanne.

“Coming out of the wilderness was a slow process but God has this beautiful way of weaving in growth and history in our life’s tapestries. For the first time I was able to change the negative patterns in my life. My values and choices became so different.  Now they don’t lead to destruction but construction. With a developing new mindset I have learnt lessons to put more tools in my box to help other women do life successfully whether they are 18 or 70, single or married,” she says. 

You can hear Joanne talk about her book at the NCRC in Norwich on May 19, click here for full details
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