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What do we need?

Financial support is also appreciated as we can use funds to buy the supplies we need as and when is most appropriate and especially if people are self-isolating and can't access our collection points.
We will be updating this list regularly during the coronavirus lockdown period - if it doesn't change, it's because the items in red are still needed!

You can help local people in crisis by buying items from the shopping list below and giving them to a Norwich foodbank collection point.
The items in red are those that we currently need the most.  Thank you for helping your neighbour in crisis!                   
N.B. We are very well stocked with baked beans, cereal, soup, pasta and feminine hygiene products, thank you.

ShoppingList314Shopping List:  

* Long life milk
* Powdered milk
* Long life fruit juice
Pasta Sauces - especially tomato-based (i.e. not curry sauces)
Sponge Pudding (tinned / long life)
* Tinned custard
Tomatoes (tinned)
* Tinned veg - especially carrots, sweetcorn and green beans including RING PULL please
* Tinned potatoes
Teabags (40s and 80s)
* Instant mash potato
* Snack bars (e.g. breakfast biscuits)
Tinned meat e.g. ham, chicken in sauce, corned beef
* Tinned fruit
* Tinned fish

* Biscuits - wrapped such as a penguins / club etc, that we can split 
* Nappies - size 6 and 7 only please
* Jam
* Peanut butter
* Sweets / bars of chocolate
* Part-baked bread

* Pet food (dog and cat)
* Washing up liquid and sponges
* Soap powder / washing gel (small quantities)
* Sanitary towels / tampons

Toiletries including deodorants, shower gel, shampoo, single toothbrushes, toilet rolls, shaving gel / foam and razors etc.

N.B. We are currently very well stocked with baked beans, cereal, soup and pasta, thank you.

We also accept financial donations as there is a cost involved in running the charity. For more information about how to give, please go the 'How You Can Help' page of our website.

Last updated 20th December 2021


How it works

The Foodbank gives three days of emergency food to individuals and families in crisis. Local care professionals in the Norwich area refer people to us using a food voucher. At the Foodbank centre clients exchange their voucher for food supplies, here they also receive a give a cup of coffee, a listening ear and signposting to other professionals who can help them out of their crisis.
The Foodbank also supports existing local agencies working with distressed and destitute people by donating food in bulk.
The Foodbank allows the general public to contribute to and support local well-being in a simple practical way.


Published: 10/08/2008