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Wellspring Family Church

Dereham and Fakenham
Key Ministers / Leaders:
Jon Beardon 01362 854581
Andrew Warren 01328 864010

Times of Worship, Events & Other Information:
SUNDAYS: 10.30 am @ Wellspring Family Centre. 35, Neatherd Road, Dereham. NR19 2AE
Evenings [see web diary]

Cell groups on various evenings, and a daytime cell group

Dereham, Fakenham, surrounding villages

Wellspring Family Centre community charity: running groups that address key social need locally: Well-come, Hopeful, MAD Club, Little Wellies.

Word plus: termly biblical Theology course

Wellspring Family Centre: Main hall and meeting rooms
Hopeful outreach vehicle
Alpha Courses in Autumn and Spring each year

Our new congregational meetings in Fakenham.
Work amongst young people in the town
The ongoing work through the Alpha Course

We take our lead from…
  • The Bible - and try to shape church life by Bible values. You will find that we take plenty of time to find out what the Bible says and its remarkable relevance to life in our generation. The central focus of the Bible is……
  • Jesus - The Bible reveals that Jesus is God's Son. His unique life and death and resurrection provide not just a pattern for our lives, but a source of hope and reconciliation. Jesus is quite literally the way to know God personally. This relationship is empowered by ……
  • The Holy Spirit - The truth about God is revealed to us through his Spirit. This same Spirit brings life to us. We have an expectancy that the Spirit will come and bring life into all our meetings together, and empower us to live God's way in his world and to fulfil our main calling which is……
  • Worship - This is the lifeblood of our relationship with God. We love to worship. Our worship is lively and enthusiastic, with the opportunity for everyone to participate. As we meet to worship, we expect to be changed by God's presence because of his….
  • Grace - The message of God's unconditional love is summed up in the little word grace. It affects the way we come to know God as our father, and the way we treat one another both in the church and in every day life. Our friendships flow from our experience of God's love. The grace of God leads us into…..
  • Growth - God's church grows! We are growing in our love for God and one another, but also as we share his love with other people too. For us this particularly includes the people of Dereham and surrounding villages, but we also have a strong desire to play our part in taking the message of God's love to the nations too.



People continuing to saved and added as disciples


People have commented from time to time about the warmth of welcome, strong sense of family, the commitment to Bible teaching and doctrine, the emphasis on the grace of God, the determination to welcome the activity of the Spirit in our meetings, the robust commitment to the work of mission, the ongoing commitment to church planting mission beyond our immediate borders. These are probably the fruit of a commitment to apostolic ministry. They are by no means unique to this church of course!

We are part of a worldwide family of 700+ churches, called newfrontiers, who share common values and vision. Locally this is expressed through the Relational Mission initiative.
2001, in response to God’s call, newfrontiers churches in Norfolk sent a small team of people to start a new church to serve Dereham and surrounding towns villages. By November 2002 we were meeting weekly on Sundays. We now have a growing Church drawn from the town of Dereham and villages and towns surrounding it.
In March 2008 we moved into our own premises, Wellspring Family Centre in Neatherd Road Dereham. 
Since 2009 we have begun running a series of Fakenham Congregational Meetings.


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