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Norfolk Christian poet's search of silence

In Search of Silence22010: Norfolk Christian poet Chris Roe has published a collection of 45 unique poems of love, peace, hope and faith which take the reader on a journey through the seasons and the stages of life.

In Search of Silence is a collection of inspirational poems. Included in this collection are seven watercolour landscape prints by Chris Roe's brother Paul [pictured right]

In this portfolio of work, Chris takes us on a personal Christian journey in search of spiritual peace. We travel with Chris, from dawn to dusk, through the seasons of the year and through his life from youth to adulthood.

Chris was born in Norfolk in 1948, where he has lived and worked for much of his life. Most of his working career has been spent in the agricultural industry.

His love of nature, the countryside and the time spent within the agricultural industry is very much reflected in much of his writing.


Silent Flight Publications has been established to publish the work of Chris Roe.



Walk awhile upon my journey
And steal a place in my heart,
With your eyes,
Upon these words,
You, kindred spirit,
Can touch my soul





In Search of Silence1
The unique collection of 45 poems (pictured right) is available to buy online at

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