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Norfolk Christian destiny fair hailed a success

DestinyFair400By Keith Morris

2011: An innovative Christian healing and destiny fair in Norfolk, believed to one of the first in the country, has been hailed a big success.
The Destiny Fair, held at the Poringland Community Centre, near Norwich, on Saturday February 5, attracted over 100 visitors from as far as Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire, and aimed to provide a Christian alternative to New Age and psychic fairs.
There were 23 stands offering services such as dream interpretation, prophecy, healing prayers, massage, manicures, prophetic art, psalm cards, house cleansing and art therapy.
Organiser pastor Michelle Smith, of Wellspring Church in the village, said: “ of in the village, said: “We had a fantastic response and people were queueing for dream interpretations, healing prayers and destiny readings. The atmosphere was fantastic with great unity amongst all the exhibitors.
Many of the exhibitors had encouraging stories to tell after the event, explained Michelle.
“A lady spiritualist went to two different stalls where they had Bible verses on cards which were face down and she picked the exact same Bible verses from each! Needless to say, she was dumbfounded.
“A prophetic artist was painting for people on the spot and giving them their pictures. Several ladies burst into tears as their pictures spoke to their hearts and they had prayer ministry,” she said.
“Three ladies that I know, who have dabbled in spiritualist things, stayed for over two hours trying everything. One of them had her nails manicured and shared some heart issues, she was happy to go into the intercession room to be prayed for. At least two people were led to salvation, one was a lady who repented of being involved with Rheiki healing.
“Several people had prophecies from more than one stand and found that the words they were given were identical, this really moved them,” said Michelle.
“We only had one negative reaction that I know of where a spiritualist went outside and phoned a friend to say ‘this is not what I thought, they are from the other side!’.
“Other visitors from spiritualist backgrounds were touched in positive ways and some have asked us to do another one. We certainly shall be doing more of these and are praying where and when we should hold one next,” said Michelle.

“I have already been asked to consider doing something at a Christian 'hippy festival' reaching out to New Age type people and others from Wisbech and Cambridge want to connect and do fairs in their areas.”
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Pictured top is Nicola Breckles with her prophetic art and, above, the destiny readings stand.

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