Christian basics taught at Norfolk youth camp


Young people wanting to find out about the Christian faith can do so at a special event in mid-Norfolk during the May bank holiday which involves worship, water fights and teaching in a 20-foot teepee. 

INTENTS is a weekend of camping, games, walks and talks for year 6 age and above taking place from 27 – 30 May. It aims to introduce young people to the Christian faith and give the basics so they can make a choice. The weekend is held at Brandon House Farm near Mattishall in Mid Norfolk.

INTENTS is organised by folYOUTH, part of Fountain of Life church in Ashill, mid-Norfolk. Adam Jackson, who heads up folYOUTH said, "About three years ago, folYOUTH saw the need for getting together the young people and going through the fundamentals of Christianity... We used Youth Alpha as the basis but moved it around so we could fit it into one weekend.
Each year it has grown and last year we named it INTENTS. Last year we thought it would be a good thing to offer it out to other churches who couldn't get enough young people or finance to rent a conference centre, but who still wanted to do a retreat and so we offered it out as a blessing to other churches in the area.”  
The weekend is fully catered and costs an optional £20.


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Testimonies from young people from 2010


When we were doing worship I asked to be prayed for because I had really bad pains in my chubby belly so mrs Jackson prayed for me and after I had no pain and it was pretty cool so I was happy.
Last night was amazing! Mattishall worship band were wicked and played really good songs. Everyone was changed and blessed by Suzie’s talk and the worship band. The talk was all about sin and how we could get back into a right relationship with god, it was very inspiring and hit home. By the end of the talk most people had ‘broken down the brick wall’ between god and themselves. Everyone who had asked for god’s forgiveness was prayed for by the leaders. God really spoke to us.
What an amazing experience at intents 2010. Also the games are great especially the tournament and the building the bases. Although the tents may be cold and slightly bumpy I love camping and intents and would definitely do it again.
It has been an honour to be here. Last night I stood up on hay bales so I could see the whole barn. This is what I saw... People joining together to worship as if their lives depended on it. Spontaneous prayer rising up between the children for the children. Tears of joy wept by girls and boys alike, all touched by the Holy Spirit. I am in awe because of what God is doing in their lives. Be rooted in Christ and you will be built up to do and see amazing things in the name of the Lord. Our God changes lives, Our God has changed lives. Leader 

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