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Norfolk church appeals for Bible marathon help

AllSaintsFringA Norfolk church is appealing for 120 people to come and help it celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible by spending ten minutes reading it in public.
All Saints Church in Fring in North West Norfolk will be the venue for a 20-hour marathon reading of the entire New Testament from 8am till 6pm on Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28.
The Bishop of Norwich will start the marathon with some prayers and will be the first reader and a local primary school will also be there for a couple of hours doing some reading according to organiser Jill Austen.
“We already have around 60 people but need 120 in total. We want people to come along and celebrate the Word of God and relish our freedom to read it. We need to remember that in so many parts of the world there is not that freedom to worship and read the Word of God.
“If people are more comfortable with other versions, then they are welcome to bring those along,” said Jill, “but the language of the King James Bible is so beautiful, it was phrased specifically to be read out loud. It does not take long at all to get used to its beautiful language
“Many of the most popular phrases in the English language come from the King James version,” said Jill. “Phrases like ‘the straight and narrow’, ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘a leopard cannot change its spots’, as well as more modern sounding phrases such as ‘wheels within wheels’.”
"We are getting one of our local primary schools to come along and read for an hour or so."
If you are interested in taking part please e-mail: Testament.fring@yahoo.com or ring 01485 570004. People are also very welcome to come along and listen.
Pictured above is All Saints Church, Fring, by John Salmon.


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