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Asda says thanks for 10 years of chaplaincy

ASDA SAYS THANK YOURecently, Asda Great Yarmouth presented Barry Capon, Chairman of Good Work (Norfolk & Waveney Industrial Mission) with a brand new Dell laptop computer. This was in recognition of the ten year chaplaincy service provided by the charity and the store chaplain Rev Stephen Andrews


When Asda approached Mr Capon asking what they would like to receive as a 'thank you' for the 10 years chaplaincy service provided by Rev Stephen, Mr Capon replied that he would like enough money to be able to buy a laptop computer as all the chaplains needed them to do their valuable work


Asda responded by not only giving money, but providing the desired laptop computer!


They wanted to show their appreciation for the 10 years dedicated chaplaincy services provided by Rev Stephen.  He is there to be a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or a souce of advice in times of need, such as, bereavement, illness, relationship problems, finance worries, or anything else that causes stress in people's lives

Pictured are James Snelling, Deputy GSM at Asda; Barry Capon, Chairman of Good Work Ltd; and Revd Stephen Andrews, Store Chaplain