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Call for churches to join Norwich Pride march

NorwichPride420Norwich Pride is inviting local faith groups and churches to join their celebrations and march on July 28 to express their support for the local Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) community.
Jo Smith, a Quaker who represents faith groups at Norwich Pride, said: “Norwich pride is a celebration by the LGBT community for everybody.   It takes place every year in Norwich city centre and includes a parade and lots of activities for all the family.  We know that there are many members of faith groups out there who are LGBT themselves, or support the LGBT community.   

“For the last three years we have had a local church protesting at the parade. They have banners with such wording as 'The wages of sin is death'.
“This year's Norwich Pride parade is bigger and better than ever but we still have our Christian protestors, which gives the impression that no churches  accept the LGBT community,” said Jo. 

“The Norwich Quakers and Norwich Unitarians always join the parade with their banners and we would love more individuals and groups of all faiths and spirituality to join us.
“If you are a member of a faith group or an individual of faith  then come along and walk with us on the parade. Bring your friends, children, dogs etc. If your church or faith group is gay friendly then bring a banner with the name of the church or spiritual organization on too” said Jo.
Rev Philip Young, vicar of St Thomas’, Heigham, Norwich, and a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) said that he is glad to be able to offer his support to the LGTB community.
“It worries me that the mainstream church is so slow to welcome people of all persuasions into its fellowship. In my view Jesus stands for including people in his kingdom and not excluding people.  Just think of the way that Jesus welcomed those who others rejected in his own time. Open the doors of the church and let all people be welcome, for we all need to hear the message of love and welcome. I intend to join in the fun of the day.
“It is very generous of the LGTB community in Norwich to provide a day of gaiety and fun, with lots of colourful people and music and dancing. Perhaps this vibrant community can show others how to enjoy life to the full. For Jesus came eating and drinking and having fun with his disciples and his friends, and so the church should be!! Let us rejoice in the full colour spectrum of all God's creatures who have been created full of diversity and of many different colours and persuasions. Thanks be to God."
If you want to join in you can contact Jo at or meet them in Chapelfield Gardens on July 28 at 1pm, near the Theatre Royal entrance - look for the Quaker banner. 

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