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African call confirmed for Norfolk Christian teen

Sam Plummer GhanaSam Plummer, a 14 year old from Attleborough, has fulfilled his dream to go to Africa on a week-long mission and is now hoping that this will be the start of many trips to the continent.

Towards the end of last year Sam Plummer from Attleborough and his mother Sharon participated in an eye-opening trip to Ghana organised by the Christian organisation, The Joshua Project
Sam, who attends TLC (Today’s Lifestyle Church) in Drayton, has felt a calling to visit Africa for many years. 
Sharon Plummer, Sam’s mother, said: “As soon as we landed and walked onto the tarmac, Sam turned to me and said: "I feel like I'm home, where I am meant to be".  In that instant I knew this was the first of many trips to come for a boy who is quite clearly called to the nation of Africa.”
Inspired by a Sports Aid programme showing children in Africa getting excited when they were handed football shirts, Sam has been collecting football shirts for years for the purpose of giving them away.  When the team visited the Home of Hope orphanage, Sam was finally able to give out the football shirts.  With all that was taken there was enough for every boy there.
Sharon said: “As I sat watching the game of football that followed, I reflected on how blessed I am as a mum to have a son with such a beautiful heart for others.  He's already planning his next visit!”

The group also visited a blind school where they were able to leave a Braille machine and held an open air youth rally in a local township where the young people were involved in leading other young people to Jesus and praying over them.
Sharon said: “From start to finish this trip was an eye opener.   Seeing people with so little compared to us but so very happy with what they do have. It taught us a valuable lesson to be thankful in all things and to appreciate everything including the privilege of daily running water and electricity!”
One of the schools that the group visited had 452 children, many of whom were from poverty stricken families.  Only 50 of these children received sponsorship supporting them with their education and health. 
The sponsorship made such a discernible difference that Sharon is keen to promote the scheme to anyone who would be interested in sponsoring a child at the school starting from £15 per month.   If you would like to help sponsor a child in this way, please contact Sharon Plummer by email at 

Picture: Sam Plummer is pictured on the right hand side of the back row.

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