Challenging year for Norwich Christian Centre

All Saints InteriorWith an open invitation to their AGM on the morning of Saturday April 20, All Saints Centre in Norwich reports on a year spent serving an increasing need in the face of an alarming rise to their costs.

All Saints’ Centre on Westlegate, Norwich is a Christian centre housed in a historic church which seeks to give support and relief to the poor, homeless, disabled and elderly in a Christian environment.   
On Saturday April 20 at 11.00 am the All Saints Centre will host its AGM reporting on what they describe as a busy but financially challenging year.
Michael Hope, Treasurer said: “2012 proved to be a very challenging year for the Centre and we finished with a total deficit of over £10,000.  All our costs have risen alarmingly, even though efforts have been made to contain them.  The economic climate and reduced 'foot fall' in Norwich with many empty shops in Westlegate have all added to the problem.”
Despite donations of over £16,000 during the year, the generosity of their benefactors hasn’t managed to close the gap between rising costs and a shrinking income.
As Mr Hope explains: “Four years ago our rent was £5,750 per year.  From next month it will be £13,000.  This alone accounts for a major part of our deficit.”
The centre provides a place of rest and refreshment, someone to talk to or somewhere to sit quietly, a café as well as a peaceful chapel, and a private lounge for small meetings and confidential discussion.
Despite their economic difficulties the Centre has been well used over the past 12 months.  Karen Maidstone, the Centre Manager reported: “We have seen an increase in the homeless and their need for our support and our Food Voucher scheme is in great demand.”
All Saints is appealing for more Christians to get involved in supporting the work of the Centre.  They are planning a campaign during the summer to raise funds and are also seeking more people to join their Friends Scheme through an annual subscription of £10.  They would also like to invite as many people as possible to join them for their AGM, which will include time to stay and enjoy lunch in their newly- named Sanctuary Café.
For more information about the work of the All Saints Centre and their Friends Scheme please see the website, call 01603 633726 or email
All Saints Centre has various volunteering opportunities which you can view in the Network Norwich and Norfolk Volunteer Link.
All Saints' Centre, Westlegate, Norwich, NR1 3LG

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