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S Norfolk church virtually doubles audience

Through the use of video recordings Hope Community Church in Wymondham have been able to virtually double their congregation every month. Videographer Andy Latham reports.

Hope ServiceOver the last twelve months there have been over 1,700 full plays of Hope Community Church Sunday service videos with in excess of 10,000 partial plays in 60 different countries across the world.

The technology to do this is relatively simple, a camcorder, tripod, computer and the software to edit and upload the finished video are the only equipment needed. Hope have been perfecting the process over a few years and can usually get the video edited and uploaded within 24 hours of the service.

For best sound quality a feed is taken from the sound desk which eliminates a lot of the ‘external’ noise you get in a church setting, and the Panasonic camera used is one of the few camcorders on the market that has the facility to record from an external sound source as well as the built in microphone.

There is plenty of software available to edit the video and make sure that the sound is good, the video starts and finishes at the right point, and show any powerpoint slides that the speaker used to illustrate the message.

Once edited the video is uploaded to a video sharing site, Hope use Vimeo ( which is less than £100 per year, and the videos are then linked from the church web site ( Once the videos are uploaded there is no need to save them on a host computer locally, this saves disc space and eases the administration of the videos.

hopelogo smallPublicising the videos on Facebook and Twitter also encourages people to visit the church web site to see the videos and these visits will sometimes result in the visitor accessing other parts of the website for more information about the church, events or Christian life.

Many in the congregation find these videos a great help in their walk with Jesus, wherever they are in the world they can find out what is happening at their home church; they can easily revisit a message that really meant something to them; they are easy to share with families and friends, and partner churches across the globe can feel part of the community, it also means that any church friends who are housebound or ill can still connect to the life of the church and the Sunday messages.

The church also produces audio only podcasts of the messages that are available through iTunes; this is completed very simply through available software and podcast hosting site who charge a single, small, set up fee with no annual charges.

If you want to know more about using videos to bring your message to a wider audience then please contact Andy Latham using this link, and watch the videos on the Hope Community Church web site



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