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Norwich Foodbank 
Charity number: 1143528


Volunteer opportunities at Norwich foodbank

Norwich foodbank has had a tremendous response to its appeal for volunteers and most roles are covered. But...!

Project manager Hannah Worsley said: "There are many and varied volunteer roles within Norwich foodbank and we would be pleased to discuss these roles with you if you are interested in getting involved"

"Please download the application form below, complete it and return to us by email or post and we'll contact you to talk about the roles available. Please do bear in mind that our warehouse and distribution centres are the most popular areas for volunteering and we currently have a full complement in these areas. However, ad hoc and project based support is welcome! Thank you for your support.'

If you have any questions, please call the office on 01603 251733 or email

Norwich Foodbank Volunteer Application Form.

Published: 28/07/2015
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12,219 food parcels given to local people in the last 12 months 

including 4,524 children,
up to 31st January 2020
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