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Norfolk pastor's plea to the Church after EU vote 

A South Norfolk church pastor is calling on the church to provide a voice of hope and peace following the vote to leave the European Union in last week’s Referendum. Keith Morris reports.

Pastor Mark Taylor, from Carleton Rode Baptist Church, said: “I sat on an early train to London on Friday and the atmosphere in the carriage amongst the City commuters was tense. There were emotions of anger, bewilderment, fear, the sense of having no idea how to move forward. It really was a strange atmosphere.
“Our nation’s leaders seem to have little strategy, and many are even deserting their post. The media are trading in scare and horror stories. As a result many people are fearful and angry.
“I want to call the Church to stand up now. Our nation is looking for a voice of hope and a peacemaker. There is a window of opportunity, and it is now, when our nation will listen to the message of Hope and Peace the Church has to bring into all this chaos.
“The nation has been shaken, but God is still enthroned and in full control and we need to convey the confidence we have in that,” said Mark.

“I am calling the Church to join in your localities and take the public places, making them places of prayer and demonstrated hope in the Lord.”
Last Sunday (June 26), Mark took the first step when 26 members of Carleton Rode Baptist Church and Wymondham Baptist Church, including Pastor Paul Smith, joined in public prayer at the Market Cross in the centre of Wymondham.
“We asked forgiveness for all the in-fighting in the nation. We prayed about the fear gripping many people, we prayed for our leaders, and above all we prayed God's blessing upon our nation,” said Mark.
“I believe we have a window of opportunity which we must seize now. If we delay we will have missed our moment. Come on Church, stand up and be counted.

Pictured above are Christians praying for the nation at the Market Cross in Wymondham.


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