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New inspirational book from Sheringham author

peter farley 540CF2016: Sheringham author Peter Farley, founder of The Matthew Project, has just published Life in Pieces! – a book of poetry, prose prayer and prophecy.

Practical and inspirational, this moving collection of writings will encourage readers to believe God is there to love, redeem, equip and strengthen them. This will enable and motivate them to bless others and thereby extend His Kingdom, by 'putting pen to paper'.
Peter draws on events in his life, which have helped shape the person he is today. Honestly expressing his susceptibility to sin, he exhorts others to believe that God's grace can bring about the changes they desire in their own lives, as it has in his.
Presenting prayer in a unique way, by including letters he has written to God, Peter shows his desire to be creative and insightful, prompting others to be the same. He shares how, for him, prayer is not merely a recital of words, but an intimate conversation with a Heavenly Father, who longs for a meaningful relationship with His children.
With regard to prophecy, the author gives straightforward advice to readers, based on how he believes God can still speak through individuals today. In this way, they can reach those they are in contact with, either by the spoken or written word — or indeed by their lives. Where God has gifted an individual, He makes sure that, in the fullness of time, this gift is used — Peter proves that, with the publication of this book.
peter farleys book 298CFPeter comments:
“I am delighted that my latest book, Life in pieces! has just been published and was featured at the International Christian Retail Show in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of June. The show is described as the ‘epicentre of Christian retail’ in the States.
Life in Pieces! is a collection of poetry, prose, prayer and prophecy, written over the course of my life. The title is really a contradiction for, in God, I believe I have found wholeness — Shalom.
I decided to publish my writing so that others would enjoy reading it. However, I also wanted to encourage anyone who, like me, would not feel qualified to write, to have a go for themselves at putting pen to paper — for pleasure. I have found the process of writing very cathartic. Just expressing how I feel, fleshing out my thoughts and emotions, has proved very beneficial and fulfilling. So much so, it is a bonus if others enjoy reading what I have produced.
I find it fascinating to see how my writing has developed over time, as my confidence to share how I feel has grown. Channelling my emotions in this way has proven to be an effective way to work through my frustrations, my sorrows and my regrets, as it has been to express my enjoyment, my wonder and my fascination in the world around me. Writing has also provided a useful and fascinating way for me to think through my relationships with family and friends, indeed all I meet in the course of everyday life.
Most of all it has been a means through which my relationship with my Creator has developed. It is good to be able to look back over my life, and see how that relationship has grown and blossomed. Above all else, it is a powerful reminder that essentially, mine is a relationship of a child with their Heavenly Father.
Having read it, hopefully you may feel that it could be an encouragement to others to write for themselves. You may also feel that buying a copy as a gift for a friend might inspire them to explore and discover the exciting potential of the abundant life Jesus promised. I offer you Life in Pieces! in the hope that you and others might enjoy a deeper and fuller experience of the life God intends us all to live."
Life in Pieces! is available in paperback through Amazon and other booksellers at £12.50 post free.
or on Peter's website: www.peterjfarley.org for £9.00.
It is also available as an e-book on Kindle.

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