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Sheringham youth pastor releases monster!

2016: Peter Skivington, youth pastor at Lighthouse Community Church in Sheringham, has just released a children’s book called Nose Nibbling Monster, with further adventures from the monster in the pipeline. Tony Rothe reports.

His brother David Skivington has already written two successful novels, the first highlighting the practice of people-trafficking, and the most recent- Blessed, Bound and Broken- challenging the injustice of child prostitution. To read about these, click here.
Peter’s book, however, is a lighter and more fanciful read, aimed at children. Wonderfully illustrated by Zara Hussain, the story about the Nose Nibbling Monster narrates in rhyme how the bravery of one small boy and his eclectic group of animal friends attempt to convince the furry intruder to change the error of his ways.
Peter says “Having spent countless hours reading children’s books to my boys, I felt inspired to make up some stories of my own for their enjoyment.  Friends and family members heard the story and encouraged me to seek a publisher for it. I wrote it in rhyming couplets as some of the books which we’ve most enjoyed reading take this format.
“I’ve never met Zara the illustrator but think she’s done a wonderful job of bringing the book to life.  After she drew the images I asked my sons if they had any feedback on the pictures, one change brought on by their recommendation was lots more mess in the bedroom as they didn’t think a child’s room could look so tidy!
“As the title suggests the story is about a monster who nibbles on noses.  In short, one quick thinking child is able to overcome the monster through introducing him to a collection of his animal friends whose noses prove a challenge to eat, before he decides a healthier option would be to choose fruit instead. 
“I’ve had opportunity to visit Sheringham Primary School and spend the afternoon in literacy lessons with year 3 reading them the story and answering their questions, it fitted in incredibly well with the syllabus as they were looking at defeating monsters this term! 
“I’ve had lots of people ask me “is it a Christian book?”, to which I’ve responded, “well it’s a story about a monster that nibbles noses but I hope Jesus likes it!”.  It’s not intended as such but if you saw it as a parable I’m sure you could draw out messages about overcoming adversity, encouraging the best out of those we don’t agree with and fruitful living!”

The book is now available in shops and on-line. Peter is contracted for 3 books, with the publishers keen to feature the same character now that he’s established, so the Nose-Nibbling Monster will definitely be making further appearances with more adventures.

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