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Beacon Church leaders warm hearts at Yare Valley

Popular senior church leaders Revd Jonathan and Paige Squirrell were welcomed by an almost capacity audience of 90 guests at Yare Valley Filling Station on January 19, at Green Pastures Garden Centre, Bergh Apton.

Kevin Gotts reports

Jonathan and Paige, from Beacon Church in Bacton, Norfolk, which started just 8 years ago, discovered the strength of being a Word and Spirit church, based firmly on the foundation of the Bible, and open to the supernatural leading and empowering of the Spirit of God.
Paige began by blessing and calling God’s favour and spiritual fire over and throughout the venue.  She spoke of the God in Heaven as the great IAM and that believers partner with him as today’s “hands and feet of Jesus”. 
She declared 2017 as ‘A Year of Breakthrough’: “God has begun things that he will finish, even if you go through hard times.  Give him thanks, even if there is nothing obvious to give thanks for. God sees you and knows the desires of your heart.  Don’t give up for He sees you.”


The couple had just returned from a sabbatical which included travel to Brazil.
Jonathan explained, “God is doing a new thing, outside the confines of ‘normal’ church.  We evidenced this on our time away; we were recommissioned for a new season.  God loves people too much to let them stay where they are. …  I experienced a type of wrecking from God’s Holy Spirit, and realised His impact can be tough to handle.  He showed me that my mind and human logic got in the way and he had to undo this.”
Jonathan called for listeners not to make their Christian walk complicated, saying, “There is no time for going through the motions of religion, and we have a mandate from Heaven to see His Kingdom come.  Pray, release your prophesies from the past.  Read the Bible as this is where much of God’s impartation comes from.  God also speaks through songs, nature and the laying on of hands ... He sent his Holy Spirit so we have a relationship with him.  And when we use the resources God gives us, this makes Jesus happy.”
“How willing are we to see traditional ways changed?” he asked, “God is stirring us up to fan into flame what He has given, to be people of power, with love, self-discipline and compassion. Become God’s agent of change, as he is looking for an army of volunteers.  Say Lord here I am, send me …  I admire those who are terrified to go …  There must be more than I have experienced so far. God who has brought me so far will not let me down.”
“If God can get hold of 90 people’s hearts tonight He will make a difference to Norfolk and Suffolk.  God wants more from you than you ever dreamed possible.  Let 19 January 2017 be that evening in a Garden Centre that I made a deal with God, left my inadequacies at the cross and picked up his adequacies, to go forward so that other lives can be changed.”
Jonathan and Paige completed the evening with wider and individual prayers.

Next Yare Valley Filling Station - Paul Wilkinson - Thursday February 16

Paul Wilkinson is Associate Minister at The Fountain of Life, Ashill where he ministers to a growing missionary congregation. He firmly believes in the sovereign power of God to bring change and restoration to God's people through the presence of the Holy Spirit and looks to a time of revival across our land.
He believes that we are all called to walk in that power, to minister to each other under the authority of Christ Jesus and he believes that we should all exercise the spiritual gifting we're blessed with to glorify God. He will explain what 'walking in kingdom authority' means. 

  • Venue: Green Pastures Garden Centre, Mill Road, Bergh  Apton, NR15 1BQ
  • Coffee and cake at 7pm for 7.30pm - finish 9.30pm. All adults welcome.



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