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Remembrance 100: Norfolk churches offered free books

On August 4, churches across the country will start 100 days of prayer, peace and reconciliation to mark 100 years since the end of World War I. To help in remembrance, a Norfolk charity is offering free commemorative booklets for young people to churches across the county. Biddy Collyer reports.

I have visited many of the sites in France and Belgium that commemorate the battles of World War I and will never forget standing in silence in Ypres while one of the members of our tour played the Last Post.  All those names.   All that loss.   All that sacrifice.
This year marks the end of that terrible war on November 11, 1918.   Across the nation, people will gather to commemorate, mourn and pray.  
World War I started on August 4, 1914, and four years later, King George V called for a National Day of Prayer at a service in St Margaret’s church, Westminster where he and Queen Mary were joined by members of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
The Church of England, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and many Christian organisations have come together to form Remembrance 100.   The aim is for there to be a 100 days of prayer from August 4 this year leading up to Armistice Day.  Already many churches from across the denominations and streams are planning to take part.
To aid the planning, praying and commemorating, the Remembrance 100 website, has a variety of resources to download or purchase, including materials for schools.
One of the booklets that is designed as a give away at Remembrance Services on November 11, is called “Silence”.  Pocket-sized and costing £2 each (less for multiples),  the 36 pages, “Invites readers to look back with gratitude for the sacrifice made by so many in war, and to reflect on eternal themes of faith, hope and love.”  
A digital copy of the gift booklet can be viewed here.
In order to make these available to young people across the county, local charity Dreams and Visions is planning to purchase sufficient copies for churches to give.  
To order your free copies, please email Ann Leitch on a_leitch@live.co.uk.   Please note that the minimum order is 1 box or 200 copies.  Larger orders need to be in multiples of 200 and you need to provide a delivery address with your order. 
If you require a smaller number of gift booklets, please liaise with other churches and organisations in your local area so the booklets can be shared between you. The free booklets are available to churches on a first-come, first-served basis

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