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A summer of films which might challenge Christians 

A number of films, which could be challenging for Christians, will be shown in Norwich over the next few months says John Myhill, who give his thoughts on them.

First Reformed: Currently showing, shows a generation so afraid of the coming ecological disaster, that they consider abortion and suicide bombing as reasonable responses to giant corporations who fail to prevent climate change. 

How does your church respond?  Do you have a minster or a church like those portrayed in the film?  A brilliantly presented moral dilemma we should all be struggling with.

The Apparition: Showing in August, looks at visions: asks “are they real?” and how do we test them in a sceptical world?

Apostacy: presents the Jehovah's Witnesses as a cult from which escape is devastating and belonging oppressive.

Pope Francis - A man of his Word: is most surprising for being out on general release, in the school holidays, showing a living Pope fairly and positively.
Altogether these films present a great opportunity to take a non-Christian friend to the cinema and have a deep and compassionate discussion afterwards - and you will both enjoy it.
All films are due to be shown at Cinema City, but will be showing elsewhere as well.

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