Call to prayer


Lent Blessing BookletCF
Blessing your community during Lent

Call to Prayer offers an inspirational 40-day prayer guide that would lend itself well to daily prayer throughout Lent. 

Entitled ‘Keep Blessing your Community’, each day has a short declaration, scripture, blessing and prayer linked with one of the many names of God, to be spoken over the city, town or village where we live.

Jill Gower from Call to Prayer said, "The introduction reminds us of the significance of 40 and 400 in scripture, invariably denoting a time of change, and each of the 40 days is based on a different name or attribute of God.”

General prayers of blessing are included, together with guidance as to how we can enquire of the Lord for revelation and wisdom concerning issues in our area that need to be dealt with in prayer as a follow-up to the 40 days of blessing.

Jill said, “We have received some very encouraging testimonies from people who have used this prayer resource, incorporating 40 days of speaking out proclamations, scriptures, declarations and blessings over our communities."

Along with a number of other helpful resources, these booklets are available to order from the Shop page on the Call to Prayer website – @ £3 per copy + postage, with discounts offered for 30 or more copies.