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Gospel opportunities at Celebrate in Norwich 

A number of Christian groups and organisations have already booked their space at Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk 2020, on June 20 at the Forum in Norwich. Celebrate director John Betts encourages people to consider the opportunities this presents for the Gospel.


If you, your church or ministry group have caught the vision of presenting the gospel in our city centre there are some fantastic opportunities to participate in Celebrate 2020.
The Forum is a great open air space in which to present the Gospel to the thousands of people who pass by. We would love to have Street Drama as part of our programme. If you are a member of a drama group talk to us about the possibility of joining us in June.
First and foremost we shall be gathering for prayer once a month beginning on January 31. We meet at 7.30pm at the Café Bar Marzano. Get a coffee and join in the prayer session right where Celebrate happens.
The other prayer dates at the Forum are: February 28, March 27, April 24, May 22 and June 12. Do please come and join this strategic city prayer meeting. Your city needs you!
"If Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees, what will the prince of hell do when the Lord has many praying men/women?"
Reading the Bible in our city centre to whosoever is a powerful way to promote the relevance of God’s Word in today’s world. We are looking for a church group who will seize the opportunity and declare the Word of the Lord at Celebrate.
Music is a powerful medium of communication. We shall be inviting choirs to come to Celebrate again in 2020, however there is also scope for other forms of music. Are you a member of a group, ensemble etc? If so, Celebrate can provide you with an opportunity to minister in the public arena.
Giving away food to passers-by is another way to preach the gospel. CH Spurgeon once said: “If you give a tract to a hungry man wrap it up in a sandwich!” We would love to be able to attract people to Celebrate with the offer of free food. Who is there who can join us and minister in this way?
We will run our Church/Community Bake-off. It was such a great success last year and a good way to promote the wonderful work done by the many cafes across the city and county. We shall be open to entries in the new year.
Have you or your ministry got any other creative ways in which to present the Gospel? Why not talk to us to see if Celebrate is the place for you?
Contact: John Betts at johnbetts2.jb@gmail.com
The early bird booking deadline for exhibitors at Celebrate Norwich & Norfolk passes on January 31, so if you want to secure the best discount price, contact administrator Jenny Drake on 01603 617905 or email her at celebrate@networknorwich.co.uk

Published: 21/01/2020
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