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North Norfolk retired vicar explores life after death

“Heaven – Reality or Delusion?” is a short book offering a personal and biblical perspective by retired vicar Rev Jess Stubenbord. It asks the question “Is there life after death or is death life’s end station?”

Rev Stubenbord explains in the book’s introduction that he was challenged by a friend who told him he had problems believing in an afterlife as “there is no real evidence for it is there?” But the conversation moved on before Jess could gather his thoughts to provide an appropriate answer to his friend’s agnosticism in this respect. Jess then decided that he needed to be more prepared to share with others what he believed when given such a challenge.
“Life sometimes forces us to think about our own mortality, perhaps when passing a cemetery, or when a hearse comes past” said Jess. “What positive evidence, if any, can Christian believers offer those around them in our sceptical and secularised society? Could there be any more important question to raise than that asked by Job 2000 years ago – “If a man dies, shall he live again”?
“Is this short study too morbid a subject for most of us to consider? Indeed, does this feel like we are tempting fate? Or, is coming to terms with death the key to understanding life? Is this why “death cafes”, considered by some rather morbid, are starting to open around the world? How can we successfully wrestle the giant behemoth that is our own mortality?”
Jess Stubenbord 750cfThe book starts by Rev Stubenbord, pictured right,  briefly describing his background, growing up in USA, and his own fear of early death. He explores society’s attitudes to death, and points out that the vast majority of people do appear to believe in some form of afterlife!
Jess goes on to explain what the bible says about death, heaven, and hell, and where Jesus fits into the picture, and how He removes the fear of dying. The book goes on to explore other evidence for life beyond grave and near-death experiences, and concludes with a challenge to the reader.
Jess says, “I hope folk will not just read the book, but pass it on to their friends or relatives who might seem fearful at this time.”
“Heaven – Reality or Delusion” by Rev Jess Stubenbord is available directly from the author at 13 Cromer Road, Overstrand, Norfolk, NR27 0NT. The price is £2, or £2.50 including postage and packing if sent to you by post.
e-mail enquiries, please, to  jamstubenbord@gmail.com

The image above is courtesy of Wolfgang Eckert from pixabay.com

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