Tributes paid to CLC bookshop manager Robin Earl 

Robin Earl, who lived 6O years in Norwich and previously ran the CLC Bookshop, passed away recently. Les Champion offers an appreciation.

My wife Linda and I have known Robin and the family for the best part of 60 years, since they arrived in Norwich in 1960. They were, along with us, part of the Assemblies of God church in St Giles Street. For a large portion of the time since, we have still been part of the same church family.

I particularly got to know Robin when I spent a couple of weeks in the early autumn of 1967 helping in the CLC bookshop he managed on St Giles Street at the top of Guildhall Hill.  I was going out with Linda at the time, and about to embark on a year of study away from Norwich.  My mum had impressed on me the need to be clear with Linda about where our relationship was going, but because of a previous mistake, I was hesitant.

I talked with Robin about this, and he urged me ‘to get the Word of God on the matter’. Through that autumn, I ‘battered on the doors of heaven’ as I think of it, until God spoke and affirmed what I wanted to believe, but specifically asked to hear from Him.  Over 50 years later, time has proved I heard correctly, and I have always been grateful to God for that time I spent with Robin.

In later years, for a season, I met regularly with him, and learnt more of his great humility and humanity.  He was a gentle man, with a great sense of humour, a deep love of our Lord Jesus, His family, and the Word of God. Along with his wife Sheila, and the family, he served God unwaveringly all his life. When Robin got up to share an insight on a Sunday morning, I know I listened with greater attention.

In recent years, as his health and abilities have declined, it has often been my joy to make a point of greeting him on a Sunday morning, and I was always received with a smile and gentle grace. Robin was a good, good man - it has been a privilege to know him, and to know now, that he is enjoying his eternal reward.  Thank you, Lord!

A celebration of Robin Earl’s life will be live streamed from the King's Centre on Thursday August 6 at 2 pm. For more information please see the King’s Church website: https://kingsnorwich.com
Pictured above is Robin Earl
Norwich church leaders, John and Doreen Betts, said: "My family owe a debt of appreciation to Robin and Sheila Earle. At a time when we were without a home,  they took us in for about six months. We were two very diverse families, strong characters with strong opinions but we shared together in harmony and grace. We had fun together, laughed together, prayed together and worshipped together. I too spent some time in the shop working with Robin. We look back to those days in the 1970s fondly."  

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(Guest) 29/07/2020 19:38
In the early days of Norwich Community Church, which became King's Church, Trevor Hopley and Peter Farley, who were the elders of the Church, asked a group of four men to join them in leadership. Robin was one of that group. His quiet wisdom and loyal support helped establish what became King's Church on a firm foundation. His and Shelia's contribution was of paramount importance to that fledgling fellowship. His contribution to Kings Church continued for over thirty years and will be sorely missed.
(Guest) 02/08/2020 13:02
A truely lovely man, whom I am honoured to have known. Robin was a key component to a day in 1987 when God transformed my life. I shall never forget him, a kind, caring godly man. Anne Thomas
(Guest) 05/08/2020 14:28
I bought my first Bible after I became a Christian from CLC & Robin served me & told me I'd enjoy it - this was when I was 15. Three & a half years later he & Sheila were my first housegroup leaders at NCF. I have been blessed by this couple for 45 years since that first meeting in CLC. Robin will be sorely missed by many people.
(Guest) 07/08/2020 07:19
Robin’s gentleness and wisdom were fired by his unswerving faith and out of that, grew his desire to bless everyone he came into contact with. He and Sheila always shared what they had been blessed with: whether insights from the Bible and experience, hospitality, time, modeling how to stay close to God. He had a father’s heart. Robin’s life and hope in Jesus will continue spur me on in my faith and the way I live it out. May his life and testimony continue to bear fruit in the generations he blessed. I continue to thank God for Robin and for Sheila.

Published: 27/07/2020