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Acts435750PXNorwich church finds a way to furnish needs 

Acts 435, a charity which channels giving to those in need, will be hosting two webinars about their work. Carol Woodward from Oak Grove Community Church shares her experience of working with them.

It has been my privilege to be the Acts 435 advocate for our church. During my tenure we have seen families and individuals provided with beds, fridges, washing machines and much more.
I believe every church should see whether Acts 435 is a tool that will enhance their ministry to their wider community. None of the families in the stories below are committed to Oak Grove Community Church but they are people known to us and needed help. 
You have to be an advocate to post requests on the charity’s website. If anyone has a spare £5.00 or more they can check out the website, choose a need and make a donation.

It is a simple process. We hear of a need and check it is genuine, then the request is posted on Acts 435. People who may never meet them donate and a need is met, the grateful recipient is blessed. There is a limit of £150.00 per request. 

All but one of our requests have been met in full, one in less than an hour after posting on the website. 

It is amazing having the privilege to serve folks via Acts 435. It is tremendously rewarding to meet people in their difficulties and have a tool to help them: so much better than saying, "There, there, something may turn up.” 

I have said a number of times it is the best role in the church. 

Some local stories of help during Covid restrictions:

This is a family who are facing adversities, with two children under five. The family are struggling due to financial difficulties as well as health and pressures of lockdown. To help improve family routine and the children's sleeping habits they are in need of a toddler bed mattress, mattress protector, and bedding.

A young man has taken in his younger, vulnerable sibling. They are in a one-bed flat and need cooking facilities. He has never cooked for anyone else before. They would like a mini oven with hotplates, that is easy to use.

A single mum who is struggling with her emotional health has three young children and a grown-up son at home. Her pushchair has broken and it is essential for this family to get out for their daily exercise. Pushchair and rainwear needed.

A gentleman with health issues in need of a washing machine and no way to afford one.

The webinars are taking place on September 16 and 24. For more information please follow this link: 
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Eldred Willey, 04/09/2020

Published: 04/09/2020
Eldred Willey