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Norwich launch for Christian book on Aids

TlameloCoverJohnDubbeyNOVEMBER 06
Norwich university lecturer John Dubbey launched his third book, about a Christian project to help orphan victims of AIDS in Botswana, in Norwich on November 9, 2006.
The book – Tlamelo: The Church against AIDS – was launched at the CLC Bookshop, 68 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich.
UEA part-time mathematics lecturer John, who is on the executive of Transforming Norwich, spent six years in Botswana helping to set up the project which offers help to up to 150 AIDS orphans at a time, along with his wife Veronica.
Botswana is famous for having refused to squander its natural wealth. It is also famous for having the highest HIV infection rate in the world. An incredible 40% of the population are infected with HIV/AIDS and the Tlamelo Project provides a message of hope against this horrific background.
The project is run by the 1000-strong Open Baptist Church in Gaborone, a large, inter-denominational and multi-national church, where John was acting senior pastor.
JohnDubbeyJohn, who with Veronica now attends Kings Community Church in Norwich, said: “It is the story of our time in Botswana, largely setting up a feeding project for AIDS orphans and other destitute children. The book not only describes how one congregation reacted to it, but it also reflects on how the Christian faith can deal with HIV/AIDS. The situation is desperate, but there is hope (Tlamelo) too.
“The book is an account of this experience, interacting with my church in Norwich, and moving on to the serious issues of AIDS and its prevention. Dealing particularly with the questions of stigmatising and condomisation and finally seeing this as an opportunity for worldwide mission.
John and Veronica have four children and ten grandchildren, whom they left behind (but regularly visited) to spend most of the last 18 years in Southern Africa. John was Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi from 1987 to 1990.
They moved to Botswana in 1991 when until 1994 John was Principal of Botswana Polytechnic.
After partial retirement, the couple were invited back to Botswana in 1998 to work in the Open Baptist Church, where the Tlamelo Project was based.
The couple have been back in Norwich since 2004 and John is lecturing in his specialist area of the History of Mathematics at the University of East Anglia. He is the author of Development of Modern Mathematics and The Mathematical Work of Charles Babbage.
John’s new book: Tlamelo – The Church against AIDS, is part of the Kachere Series which offers a range of books on religion, culture and society from Malawi. It is published in England by African Books Collective at £14.95 and is available from CLC in Norwich.
Pictured above is author John Dubbey.


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