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Norfolk Christian writer publishes Lent book 

Christian writer and poet, Joy Lenton, has just published her fourth book. It is a useful resource for Lent for anybody who wants to prayerfully pause and focus more on God.

Joy has combined poetry, reflections, bible verses and prayers in her book Experiencing Lent: Sensing
the Sacred in Our Midst
. Lent, starting this year on February 17, is a season that invites us to slow
down and focus on the journey Jesus made to the cross, while we prayerfully consider all it means to

Poetry has the ability to speak powerfully to our hearts and stir our thoughts, making Experiencing
an ideal companion for a journey which emphasises God's grace and sacrificial love. Joy explains
why she wrote the book in her own words below.

"During Lent 2019, I felt guided and inspired to record my personal journey of the heart by writing a
poem a day. I didn't try to think of specific Lent related thoughts, but the books I read and the
experiences I had all contributed to the shape and rhythm of each line I penned.

"As an experiment for myself as a poet, it was intriguing to see how I became inspired. As an act of
faith, it was rewarding to have new lines to write. Most of all, I wanted to write the words as a daily
observance and offering to God during the season of Lent. I’m so grateful He opened my eyes anew
to the wonder of the cross of Christ because it made me reconsider its huge impact on our lives.

"The act of writing the poetry and prayerfully contemplating which to include or reject, then adding
reflections, bible verses and prayers, helped me develop a deeper sacred awareness of God’s
presence with us in the here and now. It is my hope and prayer that all who read it will find their
own awareness of God’s presence expanding through the thoughts being shared."

Joy, who lives in Norwich, has been writing for many years. As a multiple chronic illness and M.E
sufferer, she writes with a desire to support and encourage those who might be going through
painful or challenging circumstances, and to show them how to embrace hope in the hard.

Joy won the Network Norfolk Premier Digital Best Blog Award in 2016. She continues to
blog on her website joylenton.com where she shares reflections and prayers. Her poetry can be
found at poetryjoy.com.

Buy the book

Experiencing Lent: Sensing the Sacred in Our Midst is available on Amazon for £5.99 paperback or
£3.99 Kindle edition.

“Experiencing Lent is a beautiful resource for Lent and beyond. It is rich and engaging. I love the way
that Joy combines Scripture, reflection and poetry, inviting us to slow down and enter into the story.
This is a book I will recommend to my friends not just for Lent but for the whole year.”— Christine
Sine, Godspacelight blog founder and author of The Gift of Wonder 

Helen Baldry, 25/01/2021

Helen Baldry

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