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With community leads Radio 4 Sunday Worship

On Sunday youth worker Jamie Cutteridge and Canon Jutta Brueck from the With Community in Ditchingham led morning worship on Radio 4.

“With is a name which reminds us that we live this life with God, with one another, with ourselves, and with the planet,” said Jamie, one of the leaders of the With community.
He explained that With had been handed the lease to a large convent in Norfolk called All Hallows, which for 150 years has been a house of prayer, community and service owned by the Sisters of All Hallows.
“Over Lent the first few members have moved onto the site,” said Jamie, “and work is underway for youth groups to come away for rest, fun, and a chance to explore and grow in the Christian faith as well as build resilience.
“The community living on site all year round will be committed in prayer and mission to supporting and serving the UK’s young people.”

Hamish MacQueen, Director of Youth Services from the Catholic Diocese of East Anglia, read the Gospel from St Luke, which described the finding of the boy Jesus in the Temple by his parents.
Canon Jutta Brueck, Dean for With, commented on the passage on her sermon. “In this time of pandemic and lockdown,” she said, “there are sadly not many opportunities for young people to sit among their teachers, listening to them, and asking questions.”
She observed that there was a great deal of debate about how to bridge the gap in their learning, how to support young people whose mental health has suffered in this last year, and how to move forward, addressing the huge inequalities in opportunity, access to resources and wealth that have been uncovered.
“Could this be a time when. God’s Spirit is speaking through the voices of young people?” she asked. 

You can listen to the Radio 4 programme here. 

Jamie commented: “I’m delighted that Radio 4 asked With Community to lead Sunday Worship; but what’s more exciting is that the service elevates the voices of young people as part of the programme. Throughout Lent we have been asking young people from Norfolk and beyond, from a variety of Christian traditions, what ‘being with’ means to them, and these quotes and ideas that were central in the service."

With has recently opened up applications for community members at Ditchingham and are looking to create a diverse community of Christians passionate about praying for and with young people.

More information about joining the With community is available on this link.
Pictured above is Jamie Cutteridge

Eldred Willey, 08/03/2021

Eldred Willey
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