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Bags of fun on offer at Eaton churches 

Over the last year, churches in the Eaton area of Norwich have been distributing activity bags to local families, with an ever-increasing uptake.

When lockdown came in the Spring of 2020, everyone had to change the way they lived, and many people suffered as a result.  In addition to changing the way they did church', the Eaton churches: St Andrew’s, Eaton and Christ Church, Eaton wondered how they could help the many families who were undergoing hardship and how they could reach out into the community at this difficult time. 

In addition to providing everyday practical help, the two churches started providing activity packs for families. For example, last summer,  instead of running the Holiday Club for children, which was not possible due to COVID restrictions, the two churches distributed a very popular children’s activity pack.  It was so much in demand, in fact, that over double the original quantity was needed and over 70 packs of games and other activities were distributed. 

At Harvest time, families were again asked if they would like to have an activity pack - the result was overwhelming, with over 100 families requesting, and receiving, a pack with craft and cookery items. The theme was a Christian one: thankfulness for God’s goodness and the wonders of the world around us.  This Easter, the packs were back!  This time, over 150 families were able to enjoy them. They were distributed by volunteers from Christ Church and St Andrew’s.  Material from the packs was used in a virtual Easter workshop run by the churches. 

Packs being assembled at Christ Church by the team (photo by John Ladd)

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Helen Baldry, 13/04/2021

Helen Baldry

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