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Unmasked launch
Norwich pastor unmasked in new book release

Pastor Jon Norman of SOUL Church Norwich has written a new book about how we can be our authentic, God-created selves in a world where many hide behind the mask of what they want others to see.


It’s never been easier to hide than now. We live in a world where so many experience anxiety, fear and shame but the thought of being seen and known as we really are has caused a generation to hide behind their screens, scrolling through people’s lives whilst shielding and protecting themselves behind a mask.
Pastor Jon is already a popular speaker and preacher, but this is the first time he’s put pen to paper and published his work. In a world that’s looking for likes, yet longing for love, this book is your invitation to a better way of living.

Pastor Jon Norman said, “A few years ago, I preached a series called ‘Unmasked’ about the faces we show to the world. We looked at how we could peel back the layers we present to others, living abundantly and freely the way God has called us to live. This was before the pandemic, but over the last year or so, we’ve revisited the series and found it more relevant than ever!”

With his trademark humour and honesty, authentic openness and tangible hope, Pastor Jon will help you overcome the masks that hold you back and will lead you into a world where you’re rooted and grounded by the revelation of who you are in Christ – a wonderfully uninhibited, unrestricted and unlimited life!
Unmasked: Dare to be the real you is available on Amazon now.

Helen Baldry, 26/04/2021

Helen Baldry

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