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Norfolk’s baking expert Chris serves up a treat 

After clocking up many years of experience as Catering Manager at the King’s Church Centre in Norwich, Chris Bottomley has now launched his own business creating masterpiece cakes and two- or three-course meals.

His new company, aptly named Picasso Catering, not only creates the cakes and meals but also delivers them to your door.

There is an astonishing choice of 33 flavours of cakes, as well as Cold Desserts, Chocolate and Cherry Roulade and Liquorice and Mint Rice Krispies cheesecake. 

Chris also offers two- or three-course meals and finger buffets tailored to individual needs and budgets.These include lasagne, curries, fish pie, casseroles, moussaka, shepherd's pie and roast vegetables.

He has created a variety of snacks including:

Pork and Cranberry Sausage Rolls   £2.00
Vegetable and Cheddar Rolls    £2.00
Individual Roast Vegetable Quiche   £2.50

As to the famous cakes, 8-inch round cakes (8-10 portions) are £12.00 delivered, 7-inch are £10 delivered and 6-inch round cakes (6-8 portions) are £8 delivered. There is also a limited selection of individual portions at £2.20 delivered, with a minimum order of £10. Cold desserts are £12.

Cakes also come in a square shape, at £18 for 8 inches or £22 for 10 inches, delivered to your door.

Christmas cakes are seasonally available: 8 inch at £15, 7 inch at £12 or 6 inch  at £10. Individual slices are £2.20.

All cakes are healthily low in sugar, and hidden in the extensive list below you may notice item 30 (any special requests) which indicates that Chris’s skills and not limited to the choices mentioned. The company does dairy and gluten free, but definitely not flavour free.    
Chris will be well known to many in the Norfolk Christian Community through having helped to lead worship at King’s Community Church in Norwich and at the Prayer for Revival gatherings. He has also been a familiar figure marshalling his team of cooks and servers at King’s and masterminding its extensive catering programme.

To place an order please ring Chris at Picasso Catering on 07543289516 or 01603 568241, or email on chrisjbottomley@gmail.com
PicassoCakes2-750  Flavours: 

  1.   Chocolate orange

  2.   Lemon and Lime

  3.   Mocha

  4.   Raspberry, blackberry and white chocolate             
  5.   Carrot and orange

  6.   Banana and nutella

  7.   Lemon poppyseed

  8.   Rhubarb and Custard

  9.   Raspberry/ Strawberry and vanilla

  PicassoCakes3-75010.  Mixed fruit cake

  11.  Plum and pistachio

  12.  Spiced apple and sultana

  13.  Cherry and almond

  14.  Spiced date and green fig

  15.  Fig and raison

  PicassoCakes4-75016.  Chocolate, coffee and hazelnut

  17.  Orange and poppyseed

  18.  Chocolate and black cherry

  19.  Lemon meringue pie cake

  20.  Peach and pineapple

  21.  Raspberry, blueberry and pistachio                     

  22.  Mango and pineapple                             

  23.  Lemon and ginger                            

  24.  Apricot and pecan

  25.  Biscotti and maple                      

  26.  Gooseberry fool

  27.  Peach. Mango and papaya

  28.  Sticky ginger

  29.  Banana and chocolate (no nuts)

  30.  Any special requests (!)

  31.  Coffee and Walnut

  32.  Apple and mincemeat  

  33.  Pistachio lemon and polenta cake

  Select and enjoy      



Eldred Willey, 13/09/2021

Eldred Willey
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